Almost to the Christmas Spirit!

The hanging sleeve is going on my sample for the magazine article I’m writing and I think I’ve taken about 200 pictures….well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it feels like a lot of pictures. And they aren’t going to end up on here, yet, either. I showed you the fabrics I was using, but here they are again.

Fun fabrics with which to work and a nice project, but I’m ready to move on to something else.

I have lots of half-finished projects that are nagging at me. Each one is whispering “Me first.” “No, me first!” “Pick me, pick me.” Just like the comments you leave on a blog giveaway…please pick me to win your book or dvd or notion or fabric. And I have to ignore them all, for the most part. Why?

Well, it’s Christmas time and there is shopping to do. I’m not a big lover of shopping, as I’ve said before, so my Christmas spirit doesn’t usually show up until after the shopping is done. That might happen tomorrow! We have the lists, the suggestions, the it’s-never-gonna-happen-wishes and whatever money we have available for gifts. Sounds like the recipe is all there to get it done, so let’s do it!!!! And we have the lights hung, too, so things are good all over.

Then I can relax and gift wrap–that’s the part I enjoy. I can start playing Christmas carols while I sew or knit or wrap. I can think about the cookies I’m NOT baking and be very, very happy about that. Yep, as soon as the dreaded actual shopping trip is over, the Christmas spirit can come full force.


10 thoughts on “Almost to the Christmas Spirit!

  1. I am not feeling the Christmas spirit at all this year and you have pointed out why! I am always done way before Thanksgiving as I start to pick up things at the after Christmas sales and all through the year and people mention things they want. This year I didn’t even start until November first. Yikes! At least I was smart enough not to try to make any gifts this year.


    • Oh, my–making gifts? Nearly impossible unless I start in January for the next year! I am not usually quick enough to pick up on and remember what people want during the year, but I’m going to try harder. If I was done early I would be happier all through the holiday season.


  2. I hate the shopping too. Too many years working in retail. I like the wrapping and decorating too. I do a lot of online shopping to spare me the dreaded trip to the mall or whatever store I need to go to.


    • My easiest Christmas shopping was when I started in the summer and ordered almost every single thing online. The only thing I actually left the house for was fun, ornamental or just plain foo-foo fancy!


  3. Don’t worry, I’ve got the cookies covered. I found a Kitchen Aid stand mixer on a ridiculous deal so you know I’m going to bake like crazy with my new toy. Can’t wait to see some of your latest projects! The pieces you sent home with us look spectacular in our living room.


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