Fun and Beads

Had a little spare time yesterday that I could devote to beading again. I posted this picture on facebook for a little advice on which color beads to use. The choice was between red beads that didn’t match, even though the design areas were separate OR silver beads.

The unanimous verdict was for silver. So now I have things outlined and I’m ready to start with the fun and funky beading with the black and white beads.

As I looked at my outlined design, I remembered that my daughter had made a suggestion to ‘shadow’ some of the elements with the opposite colors. Got that started and I’m liking the look. It really integrates the beads used for the outlining. My daughter is a pretty smart designer–thanks!

Looks very plain without the integrated colors.

And just the first little bit of adding silver to the red parts makes it look better.

I have housework that needs doing. My sense of duty keeps nagging my feelings of guilt. My beading obsession is overpowering that cleaning urge. I think I need to start in on the fun beads, just because I have time and housecleaning will always be there. Yep—guilt needs to just quiet down, because I’m going to have some fun!