Challenge and Yummmmmm…Potluck!

The Knot Even Quilter’s is the name of my wacky group…they were the wacky quilters in my house long before we adopted the “real” name and my husband doesn’t know who I mean if I don’t say “wacky”. Today we had our annual potluck get-together and it was so very good. We’ve been meeting during the mornings most of this year, so it was a brunch and if anyone left hungry it was only because they didn’t push the rest of us out of the way at the buffet table! Why does someone else’s cooking always look better than what you make yourself? All I know is that it tasted great and I ate too much!

We also brought in the results of our last challenge, which was 13 or so different pieces of fabric, all approximately 100 square inches, to be made into anything we wanted. Donna was so, so clever. She goes to Florida in the winter, so she made her piece into post cards, which we all got in the mail. She challenged us to put the piece back together. We had lots of fun working on that as everyone came in and added her piece.

The rest of the story in pictures…not everyone was there, I think I missed someone’s, a couple are way out of focus, but I think there is enough here for you to get a feeling of all the different projects we came up with.

We have such a fun time with our challenges. Our next meeting will plan our next challenge, as well as try to figure out what techniques we want to spend time on learning or perfecting next year. We always work on dyeing stuff at some point, and now we love screen printing, too. Good thing there is always something new coming up or we could spend all our time on just those two things! This may not be what traditional quilt bees were like, but all of us in this group are trying to expand our horizons, so it works for us. Can’t wait for the next meeting!


6 thoughts on “Challenge and Yummmmmm…Potluck!

  1. A great group of challenges, especially the post card idea!
    But I love the last pic, the 9 trees. Very nice!
    Happy Holidays!


    • Fusible applique, same pattern-different fabrics on separate blocks. Quilting and beading added, blocks connected by rings. Barb is an awesome artist and always comes up with unique designs. I love this one, too.


    • Our goal in January is to each come up with a challenge idea and we’ll see which one(s) we want to pursue. Most of our challenges have really brought out the best from everyone in the group and it’s FUN!


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