Scrolling Through…

Things seem to be getting finished here lately. Maybe it’s because all the Christmas stuff is done and I’ll always sew something rather than clean the house!

My scrolling leaves bead project was finished last night. I suppose I could add more beads–well, any project can always have more beads added–but I think this one has quite enough. Tell me what you think, though because I have lots more beads!

Here are some detail shots of some of the leaves.

I’m quite surprised at how a black background doesn’t really show up as black in these pics. I’m sure I could play with my camera settings, but that was really more effort than I wanted to exert today. It’s pretty lazy here right now.

And now on to the next project…at least on to finishing one that’s already been started. I do feel very productive right now. Must be that end of the year get everything finished syndrome. Or maybe I’m just procrastinating again. I still haven’t re-written that color talk and it needs to be done soon. I’m telling myself that procrastination is just one way to be sure that you never run out of projects to do!