‘Tis the Season–of almost done!

Just when I think I’m getting lots of projects finished up, I ask for one more opinion! But it’s an opinion I value very highly…my daughter’s. She helps me in so many ways, with design ideas, with printing options, with wonderful critiques. When I know that something is not quite right, she can usually pinpoint the problem. She can also pinpoint a problem when I don’t realize it IS a problem.

My black/silver/red leafy scroll beaded project was done, but I didn’t totally love it. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t have a real name! Anyway, Deb looked at it for just a few minutes and figured out that it didn’t have a focal point, just background. AND she turned it 90° to make it horizontal rather than vertical. Immediate and immense improvement. Now all I have to do is find the proper flower-like elements to create a strong center of interest. She is so smart!! I love her critiques because she is almost always right.

I like it better this way. I just need some red or silver 'flowers' to finish it. (And maybe get out the bright lights when I take a picture!)

I also got my bright little leftover forest finished…maybe! I am tempted to add in some bling, but it does look kinda good with one bright tree surrounded by darkness. I’ll pass this one through Deb’s critique, too, but I also welcome critiques and suggestions from you. I don’t present a very sequential blog here, for my projects, but this is the way they get done. A bit here and a bit there…they get started and then sit and marinate for a while…sometimes they get ‘done’ too quickly and I have to add more…I try to always be open to new ideas and sometimes the perfect idea pops up for a piece long thought to have been done. We’ll see with this one!

Before quilting

After quilting

Detail of bright tree

Christmas shopping–almost done! AJ saw Santa yesterday, for the first time knowing to tell him what he would like for gifts. A combine–hello! We are not farmers…where did this come from? He does love him some tractors, though…and trucks, and fire engines and heavy duty construction equipment–anything with a motor! He is such a boy! So, a bit more shopping.

Christmas wrapping–almost done! A few things left, not even counting wrapping a combine. Wow! How many rolls of paper would THAT take?!

Christmas baking–almost done! I’ll probably swing by the bakery one more time before Christmas!

Hope you are getting things as ‘almost done’ as I am…

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