Amazing Day…

When my son married his wife, she was the first to admit that she didn’t really know how to cook.

Boy, have things changed!

She has turned into a gourmet chef! We teased her about wanting only kitchen related items for Christmas, but then we ate a few of her meals.

OMG!!! A lasagna to die for…chicken pot pie that’s the definition of comfort food…cinnamon rolls to fall in love with…desserts to dream about…she makes most everything from scratch now and loves it. I find that unimaginable since I hate to cook so much, but I can understand the passion for a hobby very well.

We cannot stay around her cooking for very many days…it’s truly like eating at a gourmet restaurant every day. Maybe you have a lot of self-control and can eat just two bites of something delicious, but I do not!!! Wow!

Hospitality and gourmet eating, family and fun…the love of Christmas…OH and presents, too! What a great Christmas day.

And we get to do it again next week when the other half of the family is back in town. But it won’t be gourmet meals unless I can get my daughter to do the cooking. How cool is it to hate to cook and to be surrounded by girls who love to cook! Wonderful for me!!!!

I can only hope that your Christmas day was as wonderful as mine. I have such an amazing family!


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