Quiet or Frenzied

There doesn’t seem to be much choice in the level of activity surrounding the holiday season. It’s either crazy-crazy-run-run-run-get-it-done-hurry or it’s sit-relax-nap-do-it-later! I have totally been in the quiet mode and I’m loving it. Not much progress is being made in the art making department, but I always tell myself I’m thinking about it!

In fact, I took a picture of an inlaid design on a monument, because it seemed perfect for quilting!

For our trip, I wanted some hand work to take with me. I grabbed a piece of my dyed fabric, added just batting, threw a few lines of quilting on it and some beads and I was ready to go. As I said yesterday, I did not even pick up a needle over Christmas! But I’ve done a bit since then…

My idea was to make a waterfall, with lots and lots of colorful beads. My favorite way to work, so far, is to have a huge variety. That may change after I’m beading longer! Here are the beads…

I put on a few and realized that my piece needed more than a few quilting lines. I added a bit of yarn and ribbon to emphasize my waterfall idea, but it’s still very abstract. I’m trying to concentrate on adding a few stacks and some fringe. Trying to increase my beading repertoire!

Fringe-it’s in more than one place, but this is the clearest look at it.

Stacks–I should probably find a spot to do something more ‘regular’ but that doesn’t seem to fit with this piece so far.

This may not grow to fill the entire piece of fabric that I have here. Right now it needs lots more ‘water’ and I’m not sure it’s going to look a lot like a waterfall, except in my own mind…..and that’s all right with me. I am just enjoying the process right now. It’s a great way to use the quiet time I’ve been granted.

So far….

More water—more fall—more beading!!!

7 thoughts on “Quiet or Frenzied

  1. This is absolutely fabulous-oh I love the free form of it. And you do have quite the stash of beads, huh? Love the hand couched cord too-so much to love about this piece.


    • These are just my variety pack of beads! I have lots more that are sorted properly…and hand couching? Oh, no, no, no! Cording foot and machine stitches all the way for me!


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