I Love Rocks!

It seems like this project is going quite slowly, but I have also been working on a guild presentation (I don’t think I’ll ever be finished tweaking that color presentation!) and a magazine article to submit. I’m really starting to like the idea of writing magazine articles–maybe my attention span is only that long anymore!!!

The waterfall project is definitely getting better with the addition of rocks at the base of the fall. It needed those big, dark masses to anchor all the variety of the beads in the water. Once I decided on these beads

I started putting them in clusters at various locations. My beading projects mostly use a variety of beads and this project really needed the mass of a single color to anchor that waterfall.

After I establish the largest areas, I will decide if I need to go back in and add more beads to each cluster to really bulk them up. That’s going to be a visual decision and I’ve always believed that you need to make visual decisions visually…so it needs to be ‘finished’ before I can decide if it is really finished or needs more beads!

Also thinking about teaching–I’m not doing enough of it, but there is only a limited number of people interested in free-form piecing in this area. I want to add beaded embellishment but the number of people interested in that is even less than for free form!

How far do I want to travel and how much work do I want to look for? Thoughts to contemplate for the beginning of the year. I’m getting pretty comfortable being lazy, retired and only working on fun things for myself…


11 thoughts on “I Love Rocks!

  1. Beautiful! I could look at your beadwork for a long time. Very nicely done.
    You pose good questions about the teaching issue. Travel is just not home and can be a lot of wear and tear on you. Perhaps focus on putting a limit on a geographical radius that is comfortable for you and not hard to get to, eg, no great long distance flights – expensive and uncomfortable. Hard to make those decisions, isn’t it?


    • Thanks for the compliments on my beadwork. I am still such a newbie at it and the encouragement means a lot.

      Yes, lots to think about with the travel teaching and no economic urgency for me…just the ‘what have you done lately’ questions before you are forgotten!!


    • It’s starting to weigh a ton but I’m liking it better with the black. I may have to explore varieties of display to see what I I like and what works well with lots of beads. Perhaps canvas, perhaps plexi….each step takes me on a new exploration!


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