I Think I’m a Serial Beader!

My waterfall beading project may have started something. One of my artist friends saw it today and in the conversation mentioned that now I had the water, I only needed the earth, wind and fire. It took my brain about 3 seconds to start working on images!!!

I went to a different bead store today, too. And all I could think about was whether I would work on earth or fire next…

These are the beads I bought…I still don’t know if it’s going to be earth or fire!!!


4 thoughts on “I Think I’m a Serial Beader!

  1. ohhhh, these beads are pretty! I really like the idea of depicting Earth and/or Fire. Please post lots of pictures.


    • I’m planning on using my hand-dyes for background so perhaps what I look at today will make that decision for me. I’m leaning toward doing the Earth first, because I have a pretty solid image in my brain of what shape the beads will fill. Can’t wait to really get started!


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