Wacky Quilters

The Knot Even Quilters group met this week. My family and I will always call them the Wacky Quilters because my friends and I have always been a little bit off the beaten quilt path! While we had our meeting, a coaster was sitting on a side table. I didn’t get a picture of it, but is said, “Quilting Goddesses Gather Here.”

I think we should change our name again…we ARE quilting goddesses! We have the power to create and our passion is truly magnificent. Of course, our choices are all divine…OK, OK…but we have lots of fun while we play with all things fiber-related.

We are looking at several challenge projects this coming year. I’m mentioning them here because you may also belong to a group that likes to play and these ideas may appeal to you.

We are going to create a quilt–or something–with which we would “Feather Our Nest.” Or call it a Treasure Chest or What I Would Want on a Desert Island…

We are going to create a Me Quilt. A self-portrait, kind of…a quilt that represents how we see ourselves, literal portrait not required!

We are going to do a Baker’s Dozen again, because it was so much fun the first time we did it and the group is bigger now. We put 13 something’s in a bag, put the bags on a table and select one. We make a quilt using some of everything in the bag, add anything we want and use any format we want. Then we get our own “stuff ” back! I forgot that part in the original and put in some stuff I didn’t like…and now I have it back, but transformed by one of my creative goddess friends into a beautiful wall hanging!

We are going to do a Fractured Flower. Small groups, take a flower picture, interpret it, return it to the group and cut into as many pieces as people in group (3-5 is best) so everyone has a piece of every interpretation and then put it back together again.

We also want to do some gel plate printing, some shibori dyeing, some kitchen/garden resist dyeing and printing, some collage work–maybe a musical chairs type collage–work ’til the music stops then move on to the next piece!

We have so much fun planned that I want to meet more often! It is so rewarding to work with creative people. The ideas flow and spark so many other ideas. I highly encourage you to find someone in your area to share ideas with, even if it takes more than one try. You will never regret it and you will also never run out of ideas or FUN!

Indulge yourself and refresh your creativity! It’s worth the time and you make great goddess friends.


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  1. Kathy~
    I wish we lived closer so I could be part of your challenges!!!

    Quilting Goddess… What a nice title to add to “Glitz & Crap” sister.


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