Brown? Yuck!

Or that’s what I used to say about all those brown based calico prints that were so popular back in the Dark Ages, when I started to quilt. But just look at what I couldn’t live without today…

I had decided very recently that I should start getting rid of more of my commercial fabric, since I’m preferring hand dyes…and I might even get into screen printing more. And then these luscious batiks JUMPED into my hands when I was visiting the quilt store. They already have the type of designs I was interested in for screen printing. Neutral graphics–perfect!

This looks to be a very busy week or two coming up. Lots of unfinished projects that I feel NEED to be completed. My work is moving in a different direction and I want to explore it. It may be temporary, but I don’t want to someday say that I thought I might want to explore a creative direction and never took the time.

Taking some items into a local business later this week, too. They always have artist’s displays–good art!–and I want to get in on it!!! I want a variety of display options for my work so I need to pick a few to show them and get them gussied up for their best presentation.

And I don’t have an artist’s statement or resume in any good format, so I need to put together something that will be decent for that, too.

Did you know that it’s tax time, too? I’ll bet that won’t come as any surprise to you, but the drudgery of getting everything organized needs to get done. OH–you keep everything organized and up-to-date all year long? I may have to hurt you badly out of jealousy!!!! So, that’s another yuck chore to do…

And fun stuff like the vintage fabric challenge…pictures as soon as I have some results, but I’m getting the inkling of an idea about how I want to use the fabric. Very nebulous, but most of my quilting plans start out that way.

Mostly I need to get off the computer and get to work!


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