Hippity Hop and Spin!

Working on too many projects at once, which I haven’t done in a while. This is how I used to work all the time, but I’d forgotten how disorganized it makes me feel until things start to come together.

One project is to finish the collages from last weekend’s workshop. Getting there, but going from a little sewing to finishing edges to painting some canvas to mount a couple of pieces to watching paint dry!

While the paint is drying, I started to work on the vintage fabric challenge from Karen Musgrave, using Rayna Gillman’s techniques. Rayna’s techniques are nothing new to me, but her thought processes while using them in design work are very helpful. I love looking at design from a different perspective than just what’s in my own head.

Now, this fabric is something else! It’s very sturdy, to start with, and heavier than many fabrics we are used to working with. I decided to start with the simple discharge process of bleach, and I thought initially that there was no change! When I put the bleached piece next to the original, though, it was definitely lighter, but no prettier!!!

So, strip piecing, here we come. Thought as long as the pink was so obnoxious that I would start by overwhelming it with all shades of pink, but then went with Rayna’s strip therapy method and just started cutting and sewing. Got interrupted by dry paint waiting for another coat and then looked at Rayna’s book again for any other helpful hints. She works much smaller than I do, so this is where I stopped for the day.

I’m thinking I’ll start re-slicing what I have done so far and work with smaller pieces…but I have SO much fabric, I was hoping to use up a bit more of it. Sigh…not on this challenge, I guess. I also need to incorporate the unbleached fabric…maybe do something else to it first!

In between sewing things, I’m trying to get a handout ready that has a bio, artist statement and recent teaching/exhibits on it for a meeting about a possible local store exhibit. I don’t have one bit of problem showing my work and talking about it, but writing about myself is hard! In this area, I am very far from feeling like a professional. I guess I know what topic of self-help books to look for in the library!

Early phone call this morning added one more thing, but it’s an automatic top priority. Grandson AJ is not feeling well and will be joining me today. Sad that he isn’t up to his usual cheerful self, but extra snuggle time is always desirable!

All right–that last layer of paint is dry so I can get back to work on mounting those projects and then more strips to piece and that collage to get stitched and another one to get mounted and…hop, hop, hop!!!


6 thoughts on “Hippity Hop and Spin!

    • I may end up with two pieces–one following the challenge and working from Rayna’s book and one with another idea I have based on the fabric itself…just need a little more time to work in the studio!


  1. I’m dizzy from all you are doing! Looking forward to seeing your new work, especially that sheer abstract piece in the photo above.


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