Wedding Gift

Had a fun visit from Richard and Emily this weekend. I had given them their choice of a wall hanging for a wedding present and we were finally able to make connections so they could choose. And there is a very good reason for letting people select their own art…we all have different tastes!

They looked through a whole pile of possibilities…even I hadn’t realized how many pieces I had until I started sorting through. Traditional as well as non-traditional pieces. I’ve been making these things a loooooooooong time! It’s always music to the ego to have people like what you produce, but it was even more fun because they liked some of my favorite non-traditional pieces better.

Richard really liked a couple of my quick start quilting pieces. But he and Emily were relatively quickly able to narrow down their choices and this is what they selected.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

And because I’ve known Richard since he was a little boy, of course I gave him his choice of the quick start piece he wanted! These are the ones he liked and he chose the light one.

And to top off my day, I had a meeting with Marie at Pentamere Winery right here in town and was able to set up dates for an exhibit of my work. August, wine, art I need to make sure everything is set up for a professional presentation.

Little things like labels and sleeves and mounting small pieces on canvas or just on paper and in an envelope. I’ve been better lately at the finishing details, but, remember that stack of quilts that Richard and Emily started with? I was surprised at how many of those did not have either labels or sleeves! And many of the smallest pieces were just laying in a heap…finishing details, that must actually get done!

Let’s see how long my finishing resolve lasts.


4 thoughts on “Wedding Gift

  1. Your friend is very lucky to get such a wonderful piece of art. All those bloody details involved in showcasing art is really my least favorite part of being an artist. I tend to get bogged down in detail when I really just want to be in my studio melting glass.


  2. They have good taste. This is one of my favorite quilts also. Given a chance, I would have purchased this quilt from you.


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