Done, Again! Wahooooo!

Love it when I finish a piece! No name for this one yet, but I’m getting several projects so close to done I can hardly stand it. Hate to wait for paint or fabric to dry, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

And not one single bead on it!

Here's a detail.

This one is quilted and bound, not mounted on stretcher bars. But mounting is always an option for the future…sometimes collages are not sturdy and should never be rolled up for storage. We’ll see…


6 thoughts on “Done, Again! Wahooooo!

  1. I’m enjoying this-keep looking at it, discovering more detail-would love to see it in person. The quilting really helps the eye travel; loving those sheers! I haven’t a clue how to work this abstractly.


    • This was started with Laura Cater-Woods and her best advice was to just get started. We had a whole roomful of everybody’s stuff that we all freely shared, so that made it easy to find something else to add. I’m trying to get some stuff finished before I start a new one, but collage work is fun, fun, fun!


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