Geometry and Sewing?

Geometry was never my strong suit…I was a good math student, but the spatial aspects of geometry were not easy for me so I don’t know why I thought I could make this piece.

I want to piece these little sections together…a geometry nightmare!! WHAT was I thinking? I could add hunks of fabrics and then trim or add until the cows come home and never get this piece together! I’m whining, sure, but this deserves a little whining. I set myself up for failure, so now I have to re-think my strategy.

Look at those angles…no way am I going to piece these blocks together

I have quite a few pieces of hand-dyes in this same magenta family that I think will work well together, so I think I will piece together a large background and then applique or fuse the blocks to it.

Perhaps a sliver of the turquoise in the background, too, and I have a ton of other fabrics that go with this for finishing decisions.

Still can’t believe how foolish I was to think I could figure out all those angles and piece this…tsk, tsk, tsk!