Geometry and Sewing?

Geometry was never my strong suit…I was a good math student, but the spatial aspects of geometry were not easy for me so I don’t know why I thought I could make this piece.

I want to piece these little sections together…a geometry nightmare!! WHAT was I thinking? I could add hunks of fabrics and then trim or add until the cows come home and never get this piece together! I’m whining, sure, but this deserves a little whining. I set myself up for failure, so now I have to re-think my strategy.

Look at those angles…no way am I going to piece these blocks together

I have quite a few pieces of hand-dyes in this same magenta family that I think will work well together, so I think I will piece together a large background and then applique or fuse the blocks to it.

Perhaps a sliver of the turquoise in the background, too, and I have a ton of other fabrics that go with this for finishing decisions.

Still can’t believe how foolish I was to think I could figure out all those angles and piece this…tsk, tsk, tsk!


8 thoughts on “Geometry and Sewing?

  1. I heard a quilter talk about pieces like that. She suggested just adding a fabric on all sides of each piece to square them up, then put them together when they are squares (or rectangles). Not sure if this makes sense to you, but it could be a solution to your geometric issues!


    • It does work and can be done, but for me a background layer worked better in my mind. Maybe a little more depth with that additional layer of texture and interest. We’ll see–I’m working on it today.


  2. Geometry would make so much more sense to me now than it did in school. Can’t you add the magenta in pieces to make the weird angles square? Maybe two shades of it- one for the squaring up pieces and another for a sort of sashing??


    • That was my original plan, but the first one that I tried to square up took a TON of fabric and several tries. If I’m gonna use a ton of fabric anyway, why not just make an interesting background……….which is 1000 times easier!


  3. Every single time I have to re-cut something because the angle is facing the wrong way, every time I have to tear out paper piecing because I miscalculated the angle after it is folded over and every time I try to calculate the measurements of connecting pieces I KNOW there is a nun somewhere laughing because of the many times I said “why do I need to know this crap? I’m sure I’ll never use it in real life”. Psssht!


    • That is EXACTLY why I don’t do paper piecing! I’m convinced that flipping that piece of fabric over on that paper completely changes the angle that I started with!


    • Ooooh–hadn’t planned on beading this one, but now…this one was mainly for colors because both of my girls wanted a piece made from these fabrics! Hmmmmmmm…


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