And Now…Wiffle-waffle

Decisions and more decisions are lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce out at me and make me change my mind about 100 times…I made my background and here’s how to do it in case you aren’t familiar with free-form piecing.

I stack up all my fabrics–for this one I actually have 10 different pieces of fabric–then I cut curvy lines. The next step is to rearrange the pieces in each stack and then sew the strips together again. When my ‘blocks’ are ready, I can arrange them and sew to make a background like this.

That’s the easy part…no decisions hiding there. It’s when I start putting the pieces back up that I start to wonder…is it too busy?

Shall I take some of the pieces out? The green ones or the orange framed ones?

Borders or no border?

What if I turn the background and make it more vertical than horizontal?

And then the questions pounce out all over again…….!

Time to quit and spend some time thinking. Maybe the questions will hide away and miss me the next time I work on this!

11 thoughts on “And Now…Wiffle-waffle

  1. I love how it’s looking! I really like the contrast of warm and cool colours, and orange is my favorite! I agree with you, I could place and move and rearrange my pieces forever and never be satisfied!


  2. Seeing this piece like this makes me like your idea of using this background for something else. I love how it looks but it is so strong that it is overpowering your original blocks. Maybe something in different but rich browns would work out better as a background. Even a dark brown, instead of black, for the satin stitches you mentioned this morning.


    • I put it back up on the design wall for a few minutes this afternoon and I’m thinking the same thing! It’s a good, strong hunk of fabric and really does nothing positive for the little blocks. Sigh…back to the drawing board!


  3. I actually like it best with just the background, but that may be my bias for abstraction sneaking in. I like the movement created by the way you’ve arranged the blue strips.


  4. That is one of my very fave fabric collections – Lantern Blooms by Laura Gunn. You are doing such a wonderful job with them. Almost makes me want to get out the last remaining scraps of it I have and work with them.


    • I don’t usually buy collections, but many pieces of this one appealed to me. I do not want to use it all up, but …they make new fabric every day and it calls me, too!


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