KEQ-Wacky-Always Something New!

Art quilt group today…working on collage information. I’ve taken a couple of collage workshops now and so have a couple of the other ladies, so we brought our “stuff” and pooled our knowledge. Remember, “stuff” is our favorite supply and we surely brought a lot of it.

We had bags and piles and boxes of stuff–I think we are all pack rats at heart. And, no surprise, we all had plenty of stuff from which to work. It was nice to hear that the basic premise of collage making was the same for all of us….start with a foundation of some kind and build on it. Basically, just do it with whatever you like to work with. (Grammatically incorrect, but I’m sure you get what I mean!)

Kathy S. and I both like really bright, shiny, glitzy stuff so she started right off with the bright and shiny.

This is the only other picture I took, but Linda and Denise started collages that were more paper based and Julia began hers with fabric with high contrast colors and some buttons. The rest of us just talked and showed what we were working on. I know that I was not ready to start another project right now, so I brought stuff and info and examples and then just talked, but we always learn so much from each other.

Next meeting will be a work session for our next challenge–making a ME quilt. We are tasked with creating a representation of ourselves…no other rules, no restrictions. Should be verrrrrry interesting!