Fun Beading Class

Saturday I taught a class at The Bead Box here in Tecumseh. I’m not a Valentine or heart person, generally, but this design almost made itself, so it was a natural for a class just before Valentine’s Day!

'Love You' original

My personal preference is for using a variety of beads, so that’s what The Bead Box ladies created for us in our bead kits and they were perfect. The class was for learning stacks and fringes, but none of the ladies had done any beading before. So, we started with the basics and they learned very quickly!

In this picture, you can see that the design was just drawn on the fabric, attached to the backing and beaded, beaded, beaded!

Each lady chose her beads at random, so every heart came out differently, and that’s exactly what we wanted!

The one above was actually finished in class, but I didn’t get a photo of it. However, most were close to done by the end of the two hour class. My friend Kathy sent me a picture of her finished heart shortly after I got home, so it was clear that this was really a quick project.

Kathy K's finished project

I’m already planning a couple of new little projects for the late spring/summer. These small projects are perfect for learning the basics of beading on fabric and I want to continue them…if only to get more people addicted….er….started on beading!

While at the store, we gathered up several of the books they had available on bead embroidery. Who knew!!!! I had glanced at one of them before, but I’ll tell you right now, there is so much more to learn! I’m thinking my quilting is definitely going to just be a background to my beading for many, many of my upcoming projects. Can’t wait to get started…oh, and I’ll need a few more beads!