Oh, Now What…?

The finishing touches and quilting were all that were left to do on my Karen Musgrave challenge. I wanted to get that done today. I cut a little strip from the bright green organdy to check the width of my ruffle and I liked it.

THEN I played with the next little strip and it was just way too easy to turn that into a little flower.

And the little piece that was left from that corner of the organdy made a perfect little leaf.

I don’t have a ton of that organdy to play with since it was an opportunistic dye job. Should I try to do the ruffle AND some flowers and leaves? Or should I stick with my original plan and just put on the ruffle? I have some lime green angelina fiber…should I throw that on someplace, too?

I just couldn’t decide today if I want to go over the top, stay within “normal” (for me!) range or pull back on the lime and try for moderation? So, now what…?