Oh, Now What…?

The finishing touches and quilting were all that were left to do on my Karen Musgrave challenge. I wanted to get that done today. I cut a little strip from the bright green organdy to check the width of my ruffle and I liked it.

THEN I played with the next little strip and it was just way too easy to turn that into a little flower.

And the little piece that was left from that corner of the organdy made a perfect little leaf.

I don’t have a ton of that organdy to play with since it was an opportunistic dye job. Should I try to do the ruffle AND some flowers and leaves? Or should I stick with my original plan and just put on the ruffle? I have some lime green angelina fiber…should I throw that on someplace, too?

I just couldn’t decide today if I want to go over the top, stay within “normal” (for me!) range or pull back on the lime and try for moderation? So, now what…?


14 thoughts on “Oh, Now What…?

    • My plan to complete it this week ran into some snags, so it will be awhile before I can get back to it. By then, who knows what other nonsense may need to be incorporated into it! It’s just plain fun…


  1. I guess I am just destined for over the top every time! I will do my best to have the ruffle and the leaves and the flowers with the bit of organdy I have…might as well throw on a few beads, too!!!


  2. I really like your flower and leaf. They make the piece pop. Border’s cool also adding to the wow factor. Can you somehow figure out how to do both??? If you can’t I vote for the flower and leaf. Just sayin……


  3. Oh it’s fabulous, charming! I never would have gone where you have with this and I LOVE this piece-my favorite so far. How can you not smile?


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