New Class…and it’s easy, too!

My local teaching has suffered from neglect lately. It seemed that I had taught all the area folks all that they wanted to know about improvisational piecing. But new quilters are coming along every day and experienced quilters are still always learning.

So, here’s a fun, new class that uses your UFO’s, your scraps and anything else you have. In fact, the name of it is Anything Goes UFO’s.

My sample started with these leftover blocks.

I pulled out scraps and was overwhelmed with how much I had. I think I need to make a few more of these before I go much further, to try and get those scraps under control!!! After a little self-limiting, I started chopping and piecing…

The result is a small art quilt and anyone can do it! I can’t wait to see what my students start and end with…

This is just totally fun and I can teach every single trick I’ve learned about improv piecing in this one workshop. There are so many ways to work with scraps and so many scraps to control…my mission has begun!

Oh–and I can’t forget how many art quilts benefit from beading…!

FYI: Taught at The Quilt Patch on March 24, from 10:30-4:00.

2 thoughts on “New Class…and it’s easy, too!

    • What I like best is going from ‘junk’ I had in the scrap box to a finished piece to hang on the wall! I’m used to using scraps, but starting from old blocks is a different mindset and lots of fun.


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