Instant Gratification

We all need a little instant happiness and that’s not always easy to come by when you live in a one-stitch-at-a-time world or you have to wait for a dye pot or a kiln!

My instant is being able to take two hunks of fabric, make a simple slice or two, sew them back together and start embellishing. Simple, easy, ready…

I opted for the simplest of quilting designs, straight lines

and the simplest of beading options, follow the print on the fabric.

You know that simple embellishment is not really my style. But some of my favorite pieces have come from the desire for instant results and uncomplicated design. As long as I’m using commercial prints, I should take advantage of the actual printing. Makes my brain happy…no hard thinking involved!

And why, you ask, should I expose my laziest side to you? As a way to advise you about learning and practicing.

If you are just learning free motion quilting or beading, one of the easiest ways to practice is to follow the lines and shapes already printed on the fabrics you are using. It frees the brain from trying to create free motion designs at the same time you are trying to master the mechanics of quilting-moving fabric-thread tension-speed all at the same time.

And follow-the-line-beading gives you a ready made place to emphasize design on fabric.

See…instant gratification! No rocket science involved at all…only quick and easy fun.