I Wasn’t Really Bad…

It came as quite a shock to me to find that my blog had been de-activated because I wasn’t following the rules. I know I’m normally a rule-breaker, but I hadn’t tried to do that on the blog!

My last blog, for the first time ever, I imported an article from a commercial source. It flagged the anti-spam controls and I was blocked…just like that! I was very surprised, but I figured out the why of it. I just didn’t think I had done anything incorrectly. I do understand the process that computers follow…it’s a black and white world in the middle of a machine!

Thankfully, WordPress reviewed and absolved me so I’m back up and running.

I did not realize how much I loved writing this blog until I couldn’t access it! I’m really glad I have it!


4 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Really Bad…

  1. If you have something you want to share, you can get permission from the author of the article. Explain what you want to do and they may let you post it. It was an awesome article. Thanks for sending it even though you got into trouble.


    • There was no problem with having permission from the author. The problem was using her content in a cut and paste way. There was something in that code that set off an anti-spam control. So, I’ve learned!!!


    • I’m not usually concerned about copyright issues because I don’t copy, but spam being attached to commercial sites never occurred to me. I certainly will not copy and paste anything. Maybe a link, as I have done before with no issue, but no direct use of anything that was not typed in by my own hands!


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