Dress Forms Project

Not real dress forms…the cute fabric I have that has dress forms printed on it. I have finished–maybe–the beading on the project, but I want your opinion of course.

Dress Form Designing

The ‘finished’ little piece, using the printed design as the basis for the beading design. I combined it with a larger scale, lighter color print fabric. The idea was that it would be easy to add some beading elements on the floral as well, if that’s what I decided was needed. You get to help me decide that!

Here are a couple of details of the cute little dresses.

Now take a look at the bare floral fabric.

I sprinkled some beads on it to give you an idea of what I would consider adding.

My plan was to have the dark dress form fabric with the beads be the focal point of the piece and I just don’t know if any beads are needed on the floral part. OR are they needed to balance the heavier beading on the black?

This is where I love to hear from you, with your opinions. And don’t be shy…tell me what you really think!

One of the valuable lessons I acquired in painting class was the use of critiques. Whether they are from knowledgeable art critics or wonderful art lovers, all input is valuable but as the artist YOU decide if there is any input that you will act upon. I live by that philosophy because even if I am full of doubt about a piece, I know that the ultimate decision is mine, all mine!

That’s why I always emphasize that there are no mistakes, only alternate design decisions and you only have to please yourself when creating art. Don’t know if there is a right or wrong in those thoughts, but it makes it easier for me, and many of my students, to keep going from one step to the next to the next until they are satisfied with what they have done. Simplistic and there are certainly many other considerations in the business of art, but it gets the job done for me!

8 thoughts on “Dress Forms Project

    • I keep thinking I should be using more of my hand dyed fabrics, but there are so many cool commercial prints!! I’m leaning very much to some beads. I really think this wants a little more sparkle.


  1. I LOVE those dresses! I have some of that fabric and some beads. My fingers are itching now. 🙂
    When I see your added beads on the floral, I like just simple beads on the simple line drawings…..not so much the heavier beads on those. To me, that would be enough to tied it all together.


    • Everyone seems to agree that some beads on the flowers are needed to tie things together. I can’t say I disagree and the chance to do more beading is always a positive for me! Watch out if you start beading your dress form fabric…it can get really, really addictive!


  2. I would probably bead all the flowers in some way. I would test out using complimentary colors on the blue and greens. See how that looks. Then just test high contrast beads to see if that looks better. Just an opinion. Don’t know if it would work or not.


    • I have a lot of beads coordinating with what’s on the dress part, so I’m sure I’ll have no problem finding something that looks good. And it takes very little to convince me that something needs MORE beads! I’m thinking I’ll be trying out some beads!


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