Fault Lines Begun

Typical of the impatient me, I’m starting my next project before I have totally finished my last. While mulling over the decision about more beads on the dress form piece, I decided to begin beading on my “earth” piece. That’s the one that started with the felting on the wool background.

The black lines are my fault lines and I’ll be beading along those lines to show the shifting lines of the earth. At least that’s what it is in my mind. We’ll see how it works out.

On the dark brown wool, I did some felting from the back, which puts some of the light brown wool color through to the top. I really hate the way that looks, so I’ll be covering that as much as possible with beads. The colors were too far apart in contrast to blend well. It just looks like linty fuzz, not a design element.

I have seen many walls of rock that show the layers of the earth and those shifts and they fascinate me. Mostly I see those driving along roads that have been blasted through mountains. They whiz by very quickly on the freeways but sometimes you get a larger view. On smaller local roads you can get up close. I love to find a spot to pull over and just look…perhaps in another lifetime I’d be a geologist.

Here’s what I have so far. I’m feeling that the lines are not jagged enough, but that may be remedied as I get further along. It’s very dark right now, but I have some bright and glittery things to add. I’m saving those for closer to the end. I want accents, not to illustrate the gold rush!

Size is about 15 x 18

In the back of my mind, I think I’ll need to add some hand stitching to this and maybe some more pieces of silk and yarn. I’m also contemplating how I will finish and mount this. I like the raggedy edge I have now and I’m not sure that I want it finished off…so that will lead to a different mounting than I’ve done before. Hmmm…can you hear the squeal of those rusty brain wheels turning?

Updates on both projects as I progress, of course.