Fault Lines Begun

Typical of the impatient me, I’m starting my next project before I have totally finished my last. While mulling over the decision about more beads on the dress form piece, I decided to begin beading on my “earth” piece. That’s the one that started with the felting on the wool background.

The black lines are my fault lines and I’ll be beading along those lines to show the shifting lines of the earth. At least that’s what it is in my mind. We’ll see how it works out.

On the dark brown wool, I did some felting from the back, which puts some of the light brown wool color through to the top. I really hate the way that looks, so I’ll be covering that as much as possible with beads. The colors were too far apart in contrast to blend well. It just looks like linty fuzz, not a design element.

I have seen many walls of rock that show the layers of the earth and those shifts and they fascinate me. Mostly I see those driving along roads that have been blasted through mountains. They whiz by very quickly on the freeways but sometimes you get a larger view. On smaller local roads you can get up close. I love to find a spot to pull over and just look…perhaps in another lifetime I’d be a geologist.

Here’s what I have so far. I’m feeling that the lines are not jagged enough, but that may be remedied as I get further along. It’s very dark right now, but I have some bright and glittery things to add. I’m saving those for closer to the end. I want accents, not to illustrate the gold rush!

Size is about 15 x 18

In the back of my mind, I think I’ll need to add some hand stitching to this and maybe some more pieces of silk and yarn. I’m also contemplating how I will finish and mount this. I like the raggedy edge I have now and I’m not sure that I want it finished off…so that will lead to a different mounting than I’ve done before. Hmmm…can you hear the squeal of those rusty brain wheels turning?

Updates on both projects as I progress, of course.

12 thoughts on “Fault Lines Begun

    • Yes, the black lines are a cotton yarn that is couched down using a braiding foot on my machine. I didn’t even know that foot existed a year ago and now I couldn’t live without it. It’s great for putting a nice finished edge on a piece.


  1. As Judy mentioned, mounting and framing are becoming much more common. You could stitch your felted piece to a compatible fabric (not necessarily at the edges if you want to leave them ragged). That back fabric can be put over an artists canvas that has a wood frame behind it. You can even put some stitches through your piece and the artist canvas to help hold it in place. Then cover the back of the wood frame.


    • I tried that with stretcher strips on another piece and there wasn’t enough support. Using an artist canvas would be much better, probably perfect, but I had an odd size, so I’m trying to figure it out using the stretcher strips. I’ve been reading up on it and will post about it if I find a good, easy and/or cheap solution that really works. And I also need to quit straddling the line between quilt and framed art and just commit to one or the other, piece by piece!


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  3. As to the mounting, preserving those raggedy edges, maybe put that question out to the SAQA Yahoo group? I am fascinated by where you are going on this, loving where it is so far!


  4. It seems to be coming along nicely. Mounting and hanging things are always a problem. I exhibit mostly in galleries with an art guild. Everything must be mounted and framed or put on some kind of hanging device with wire. I have to decide on how to display something, before I make it. Kind of backwards.


    • I’ve had to think backwards, too, and now more often because what I’m doing is so different from what I have done! I need to move more towards art guilds because the beads are so darn heavy and need much more support! Your tutorial has helped me.


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