More Work on Fault Lines

I’ve been doing a little work on my Fault Lines project. It still feels very dark to me, while at the same time the darkness feels very appropriate. I thought I would be adding in a bunch of gold and glittery beads when I got closer to the end, for a little brightness, but that may not end up being the case.

Not a lot needs to be said about adding beads…here are a few detail shots.

I wonder if my collection is too eclectic, though. I’ll try laying out more lines of same/similar beads right next to each other…though mostly that’s just more black beads! However, that may convey the layers of rocks in the earth better than what I have now.

It probably means that I’ll need a wheelbarrow to carry this heavy piece from one spot to the next-almost like real rocks!


2 thoughts on “More Work on Fault Lines

  1. I am currently putting Buckram behind my batting to add support to a heavy piece I am working on. I did this once before and it made the whole piece kind of stiff; but that is what I needed. Buckram is used as stabilizer in baseball caps in the bill. It is also used in other parts of hats that need to be stabilized. It looks like heavy gauze. You might consider it for support.


    • Good idea, Judy. I’m quilting it through Peltex and I feel that it has adequate support for this phase, but I know it will need more if it’s to hang without buckling. I have this piece, my Waterfall piece and at least one more piece in this series and I’m going to try out several ideas to see which one works best. Thanks.


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