I Was Soooo Cute!!!–Edited

Strange things are found when cleaning out is done…my mother has been gradually cleaning out all the little cupboards and drawers that my father mostly used. She hasn’t found too many surprises, except for 60 years of receipts for everything–and I mean everything the man bought! I’ve helped her get rid of a lot of clothing and we’ve burned a lot of old paperwork.

However, I was quite touched when she handed me this picture. I believe it was from first grade and apparently my dad carried it with him in his wallet! Mind you, I am the oldest of 8 children and he did not have all of their pictures in his last wallet. I know he carried most everyone’s picture at one time or another, but as his memory went, mine seemed to be the last picture remaining.

Wasn’t I a cute little girl? It’s no wonder he didn’t remember his children in those last years, ’cause we sure don’t look like that now!!!!

I’ve begun some work that speaks to me of the horrors of Alzheimer’s disease. I’ve thought a lot about the disease from my perspective of daughter and watched what my mom had to go through. Now I’m reflecting on what it was like for dad to actually go through it and the pictures in my mind are not pleasant. I don’t know if I showed you this before, but it’s the first piece in this journey and I’m calling it Layers of Memory. Maybe a little bit cliche, but it is what it is!

It’s a bit further along than this picture, but I haven’t added much to it. Just attached it to a canvas with some beads in the corners. I’m not sure what the next piece in this series will be, but I know there will be more!

Note: When I wrote this, I intended to include the link for the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative. This program is run by Ami Simms for the sole purpose of raising funds and awareness of this disease. The March auction is going on right now and there are other ways to help, if you are interested.


4 thoughts on “I Was Soooo Cute!!!–Edited

  1. I know of this disease first hand. My mother started into Dementia in her late 40’s. She lived to be 82 and lived with me until I could not handle all the problems anymore. We constant fear is that I will someday travel this path. I am now in my 70’s. I am thankful every day. I understand this piece. I understand the layers of memories. Glad you have good layers, as well as bad.


    • That long, long descent into darkness is one of the most terrible aspects of this disease. I fear the same thing, also, and am constantly checking myself and my memory and my brain power.


  2. How well loved you have been loved by your Father-that is so sweet that he carried your photo! Looking forward to your future works about Alzheimer’s. Thank you for sharing something so sweet and personal.


    • That love never wavered–except maybe a little during my teenage battles over shoes with him!!! I hope to do a lot more about Alzheimer’s. Somehow it’s easier now that he’s gone and not still suffering from it.

      Hope this time of sorrow for you is being spent with good memories of your mother.


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