No Photo Bead Show

I went to a bead show on Sunday, my first. I’ve been to gem and mineral shows that were huge, so I was hoping this might be big, too. It was not. I think I was judging that by the admission fee–higher than I would have thought for a show where you want to sell your wares!

The first sign I saw said absolutely no photography. I had to think about that for a minute, then realized that it was for the protection of the jewelry designers.

It was not a dealer show, not wholesale stuff, but open to the public. (Or how else could I have been admitted?!) So the goods were at retail prices, but most things had a discount and most of the vendors were ready to make a deal about anything. At first glance, I found the prices a little higher than what I could get at my local bead shop, but with the dealing and discounts, it all worked out.

The cool thing was that there were so many things that you just don’t see at your local bead shop and in large quantities. I was tempted by many, many items but kept my head and only bought a few strands that I actually know you will see in my next piece!

I also couldn’t resist this little metal square. Most all bead stuff is intended for use in jewelry and this looks like it’s made for a necklace, but I love it and will use it in a small quilt. It’s only about 3 x 3″.

I loved my bead show adventure. Just the eye candy was worth it!


6 thoughts on “No Photo Bead Show

  1. Oh I LOVE that square-can’t wait to see what you make of it! The design looks like free motion quilting work on it to me….


    • That’s what caught my eye. There were other similar pieces, but this was the only one with etched work. I think when I get back to my studio next week I want to start a series of small quilts with a main feature like this square. Just another idea percolating in the back of my head!


    • My first just beads show, too. Lots to look at, many temptations, but now I’m eager to find a huge bead show and spend the day looking at beads. I can spend an hour at least in any regular bead store, so a big show would be an excursion!


  2. We have a wonderful bead store here, and I do buy from them. However, I make sure that it is something that I know I will use. You can really break the bank in these places. Anxious to see what you do with them.


    • I have had so many wonderful beads just given to me by friends. And then I go to a bead store and see similar things and what they cost and I am shocked and am so grateful for my friends’ generosity. It’s that generosity that has allowed me to be so extravagant with my beading projects.


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