Went to a hydroponic farm today. At least that’s what my mom said it was called. I had a picture in my head of totally water-based vats with nutrients and plants growing up all over them. This was a little different than the picture in my head. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the setup, but I found a picture of it on the web. The name of the place is VO Lasalle Farms.

It was a small field of white poles, connected across the top with hoses. On each pole, there were a number of stacked rectangular pots in which the plants were grown. They were between crops, but the strawberry plants were growing like crazy. There was lettuce, Swiss chard, onions, squash, beans and tomatoes coming in 60 days. I did get a picture of the fresh dill (quilt inspiration, I think!) and the thyme plants were thick and lush. It was a very interesting way to grow crops.

It will be very easy to harvest those strawberries when they are ripe…no crawling around on the ground looking for red deliciousness! And the water and nutrients coming from the top means that each pot drips into the one below and there is very little waste. Glad I had a chance to see it. If I was a big vegetable gardener at home, I would investigate this a bit more. Space saving and efficient…I will talk about it to people I know that do gardening.


2 thoughts on “Hydroponic?

  1. Yes, this is a different system to the one I have seen. This looks more like a watering system for plants grown in soil. Probably taste better than the ones grown in water.


    • Very much a watering system, but also a space saving way to grow crops. I really liked it, but it would have been nice if there were crops available to check out!


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