Finish, finish, finish

Finishing is my phrase for this upcoming week. I have quite a few projects that are almost done and quite a few more that are almost-er done! I looked through a stack of quilts that I thought were finished and found several that had no sleeves and even more that had no labels.

I remembered that I ran out of labels that I had run through the printer and then my printer needed new ink cartridges yadda yadda yadda…so I moved on and didn’t get those finishing details done. They need to be done before those pieces are ready to fly into the world.

Then there are the partially finished pieces, either because I got distracted before finishing or had a deadline to meet on something else that had priority. I have a couple that got left behind when we went to Florida. I didn’t mean to neglect them, but I just couldn’t take everything with me!

And finishing isn’t all I have to do…there are 2 project that I had forgotten about that have deadlines that I haven’t even STARTED! Uh-oh…

Should be a very busy week and I hope I remember to take pictures as I go so that you have something to look at!