Monday Finishes

Finishing things is the name of the game this week and Monday saw two things finished.

I finally got the quilting, ruffle, organza flowers and leaves on the 50’s fabric challenge from Karen Musgrave (more info here and on Karen’s blog). It’s fun and funky and I really like it—now! It was okay without that lime green, but the green really makes it pop.

Details–flower and little bits of grassy green.

Gosh, my quilting stitches look HUGE here. They really aren’t that bad…reallly!

The quick and easy piece that just needed a backing and a tiny bit of additional quilting to hold it together was actually the first piece I finished today. Spring Dress Parade went with me to Florida for beading, and your opinion was that the flower part needed some beads, too. I didn’t bead all the flowers because I wanted to keep the focus on the dress forms. A bit of beading on the flowers, though, did help to pull all the parts together.

Here’s a detail shot of a couple of the flowers.

Finishing is fun! Hope to continue finishing things all week…HOPE to! I’ll certainly keep you in the loop!


9 thoughts on “Monday Finishes

  1. I love your piece and I can’t believe you took THAT fabric and made such a delightful and whimsical piece. It’s very inspiring to me. Fun to follow your process too.


    • I’m getting better at whimsical, maybe because it’s so much fun to try and be outrageous! Process? My process is usually stream of consciousness and trial and error and covering up the oops! moments! I like to think it’s the result of years of experience and not just goofiness!


  2. Hi, Your challenge piece came out wonderfully, such whimsy, love it.. I was more traditional, can I say that?? But I mean more to following Rayna’s book. I just put it in Timberline Gallery and call it “Metamorphosis.” Also put a note by it with fabric samples that I dyed. Love the direction and fun that you had with your sample fabric pieces.


    • I’m finding myself making more and more ‘whimsical’ art and not so much trying to be serious. I think I’m feeling that much of what I do is so temporary in the world that I’d rather have fun than deep thinking!


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