Lime, terra cotta and magenta!

I fell in love with this fabric because it was a wonderful orange color with shots of turquoise and magenta and lime…loved it! I already made one piece

Walk In The Park

using it and have shown you some of what I was thinking on a second piece. Well….my favorite orange has kind of taken a back seat on the new look at a second piece. I kept looking for an orange or magenta or turquoise background that would make me happy and had no success. The wise advice to make visual decisions visually is what finally clicked for me. Green background fabric almost jumped off the shelf and screamed at me!

I hadn’t considered green because most of my ‘blocks’ were very green.

Sometimes the obvious is just not that obvious to me…green was only a starting point and the blocks could easily be bordered with that wonderful orange.

Mmmmm….not so much. Orange did not work…at least, not any orange I had. Turquoise–nope. Magenta! In several shades, very subtle color differences.

Couched shades of magenta yarn around each block and then I wanted the feeling of a grid of roads or walkways so I couched more yarn between the blocks.

I’m quite pleased with what I have so far and hung it back on the design wall to see about a border. First, I’ll try out a couple of fabrics and see if anything speaks to me. I may end up deciding no border…do either of these speak to you for a border?


Guess what? I am NOT planning on any beading on this piece! I want to do lots of quilting in the areas enclosed by the ‘roads’ with all the different shades of magenta thread I have. The bright lime, turquoise and orange have pretty much been relegated to little accents now and I’m okay with that!

We’ll see what decisions tomorrow brings.