Magenta–lots of it!

I spent most of my time Wednesday working on quilting the lime, terra cotta and magenta quilt. I finally gave it a name, too. The other one I made from this fabric was called Walk In The Park and this one is going to be Walk In The Garden.

The quilting was done with the various shades of magenta with which I did the couching of the yarns. I kept most of it very plain, just repetitive straight lines. That makes those few spots where I put leaves or pebbles stand out a bit more.

And for those of who are not confident in your free motion quilting…take a look at mine. NOT perfectly straight, NOT perfectly even stitches, NOT totally smooth curves…and it’s FINE! I regard free motion quilting as just like the artist’s handwriting and so it should be very individualistic. Some people have more beautiful handwriting than others, but I’m just happy when it’s legible!

I still find it hard to believe that this is coming out just the way I envisioned it! That never happens!

There were decisions that needed to be made before I started the quilting…thanks for all the input and suggestions. I was pretty sure before I put the top together and then decided-definitely no border. If I wanted to do an envelope turn, I’d have to do that before quilting and I’m not always happy with the way the quilting turns out when I do that–so, not that. I don’t like facings…I should clarify–I don’t like making facings. I considered turning the front edge over the back. To do that I would have had to leave a margin unquilted around the top edge…do-able, but I decided against it.

I held up fabrics next to the piece and finally decided that yes, I do want a binding and yes, it will be from the original terra cotta fabric. It’s just too green without that little bit of color around the edge and the terra cotta was so lost in the magenta that I needed to restore it to the overall color scheme.

I don’t have the binding on yet. Probably tomorrow, because when I spray baste a piece I like to try and wash those chemicals out before my final square up. And with the heavy quilting on this one, it will definitely need to be squared up!

Your comments always help me organize my thoughts, even if I don’t do exactly what you would do! I appreciate it when you take the time to look and advise me and you gave me lots to think about this time!

8 thoughts on “Magenta–lots of it!

  1. Kathy – I really love the quilting on this one. I also subscribe to your belief that each person’s ‘hand’ in quilting is – and should be – expected to be as personal as their handwriting. Thanks so much!


  2. I really like this. The colors are great. Yes, I think you made the right choices on finishing. Walk in the Park describes what you are looking at. So, I think you did a good job and should not overwork it. Sometimes we don’t know when to stop.


    • Sometimes I feel as though I put too much quilting in my pieces, but more often it seems to call for more and more. I guess I’d rather over-quilt than under-quilt!


  3. This may be my favorite-everything is spot on! I think the quilting is great-really perfect, buttoned up quilting would not fit the feel of the piece. I am glad you are putting the terra cotta binding on-now that I see the piece almost completed, I think it does need a bit of a final statement on the outside edge. Really, really nice piece. Wait, is there not any beading on this one?!!!


    • Not one single bead to be seen anywhere! It just doesn’t need it…but I’m working on some little pieces that have beads so I’m not suffering from bead withdrawal!


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