Decisions…not easy for me

But when I finally make a decision, I go for it! My magenta background that I talked about here is now married to the fabric with magenta leaves.

I’m not sure where else I’m going with it, but I’m committed now! I have that yarn I showed you that has all these same colors. And, of course, I have lots of beads. Over the top and extravagant are never hard for me. It’s showing restraint that is difficult.

Detail shot here:

The orange and green really make this piece a zinger. All the colors are very intense and I just don’t think there is anything that will cool it down. I plan on making curvy edges, probably couched with the silk yarn. I know this will surprise you, but I also have some other skeins of variegated yarn that would work as well!

Committed—I don’t think that’s the same as certifiable! But sometimes after I make a decision and act on it, I start to question myself. I am committed…I will press on!

13 thoughts on “Decisions…not easy for me

  1. All artists have these same questions. When do I walk away and say, “it is enough.” The biggest sin we all struggle with is overworking our composition. No one has a rule that says, “time to stop.” That usually happens after we commit the sin. But with fiber art, you can more easily correct the situation. So, just go for it.


    • Thanks for the encouragement…I really feel like I may have made this too intense to begin with and now I do need to make corrections. But I had a long drive home from a workshop today and I think I may have some ideas to try. My ‘time to stop’ is usually when everything is totally overdone, so when you start out that way, what can you hurt?


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