My fabric stash comes from a lot of different places. And I guess it’s not just fabrics. It’s yarn and beads and knitting and painting and sewing tools. I get a lot of things from what I respectfully and affectionately call my ‘Dead Mother Resources.’ Sounds kind of gruesome, doesn’t it? I’m going to start calling it my ‘Dear Grandmother’s Resources.’

Here’s the deal…we all know someone who has a mother/aunt/grandmother/sister/neighbor who dies. And they sewed or knitted or quilted or painted……and nobody in the family wants their ‘stuff.’ They know you do something like that, so they ask if you want the stuff. Do you ever say no? I don’t!

A gift of fabric

I gratefully accept whatever goodies they would like to share with me. I take it all and worry about sorting it later. People are so happy to feel that their things are going to a good home–and they are! A friend could not bear to throw away things that she knew were no longer useable, because they were her mother’s. She had no problem giving it all to me and letting me throw out dried paints and stiff brushes and ripped, yellowed paper.

Same with fabrics…you can’t always tell what the content is and depending on how you work, it may not matter. But you know for sure what you like and what you don’t, what is really garbage and what you can pass on to someone else. I’ve never had a gift of ‘stuff’ where I could use everything, but I’ve had lots of gifts where I could use something.

Spend a little time sorting through things. You might be surprised at the treasures you find! After I sorted through the pile of fabric above, I found several fabrics I liked. Only little bits and pieces, not big chunks, but these are the ones I think I’ll use first.


I’m happy that I get to use the choices made by others. It challenges me. It makes the givers happy to bestow such bounty. I like to think that all the ‘dear grandmothers’ are smiling down on me and I thank them!


6 thoughts on “Resources

  1. I get stuff like this too. I’m OK with that because it does offer them some peace of mind, and I might find some really fun goodies to use. And yes, I do end up throwing a lot away, but somehow it is easier if I throw it away than if they do.


    • One friend told me that she knew that there was a lot of stuff to be thrown away but that she just could not do it. She needed to pass on her mother’s items as a whole for her own peace of mind…and she was right about stuff to toss, but she was not the one doing it!


  2. I get so many gifts like this. It would make a big difference in my budget if I did not get such things. I think that people feel better about giving me things that can be repurposed. Somehow, they feel like their loved ones would approve.


    • I love getting things that I have not chosen and it truly does make families feel better to know that the fun things in the life of their loved ones are not going to waste.


    • I’ve gotten a goodly share of those, too, but I must say that the majority of things I’ve received have been in good shape and useful to me or someone I know. I’m very grateful for these gifts, too!


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