Karen’s New Challenge

Karen Musgrave is great at coming up with challenges—fun ones, that you want to do! Her last one was using vintage 50’s fabric and my result is here and the new one is described on her blog. Part of the challenge is to do something free-form, free-spirited and out of our comfort zone.

I’ve broken the rules already!

I haven’t worked in a regular block format in several years, and so that appealed to me this time…so no free form construction. I’ve started this project with nice, big, even rectangles and circles, though I have kind of scattered them asymmetrically…so maybe that qualifies as out of my comfort zone, but that would be stretching it!

This is absolutely not finished, but it’s going to be very hard to make it conform to the rules! I’m trying to let the fabric do the work for me here, but that may not be enough. I can certainly rearrange the circles, subtract some, add more, make the direction of the print go the same way on all of them…I can mess around with the background and make it more free form, but I’m liking the way this is playing out right now.

Karen–I just cannot seem to obey rules. We’ll see where this finishes up, but I don’t really feel like a bad girl!!!


10 thoughts on “Karen’s New Challenge

  1. First, you are following the rules! Secondly, I love it. I think the floating balls are brilliant! Are they fused? Appliqued? Can’t wait to see what happens next. Hugs, Karen


    • The balls are not fastened down yet, and I’m thinking of raw edge applique. I’m currently loving raw edges and couching so that’s probably the direction this will take…we’ll see!


    • This is a lot of fun. I enjoy challenging myself to use only the material at hand, too, so those fat quarters used are all I have. We’ll have to see where it takes me…


    • Perhaps I can emphasize that…right now it’s just another unfinished idea, hanging around on the design wall! Hope to get back to all those UFO’s later this week…


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