Lyric Workshop

One of the most favorite products I’ve purchased this past year has been Lyric Kinard’s Bead It Like You Mean It DVD. When I saw that she would be conducting workshops through the West Michigan Quilt Guild, I jumped at the chance to attend.

Just as an aside to how small the world is now…I saw this information while I was in Florida, from Lyric’s site in North Carolina and contacted the guild in Michigan. Would I have been able to do this just a few short years ago? Nope! Life is good.

The first day was a surface design sampler—quick snapshot how-to’s of quite a few different techniques. Lyric kept us moving, learning and doing all day long and I really enjoyed it. Most useful to me at this particular time is transferring copy images to fabric using Citra-Solv. I have a project coming up that now has a solution to how I want to illustrate my ideas. Hooray! This is how I chose to use a little transfer. It’s only about 2 x 4″ but isn’t it cute?

There is some more transfer, some stamping, and some silkscreening on the base fabric for this piece. I also used it to learn and improve on beading during the second workshop the next day.

C-A-B-A-C-H-O-N-S      Gotta love ’em! Couldn’t wait to learn how to attach them to quilts and we learned 2 different techniques! The first picture shows a basic cage and several ladies got this part finished. We were proud of ourselves, but also excited to learn another technique, too!

This is mine

Pat did this design, which will end up as a sketchbook cover. Small world event--Pat's sister is in a knitting group in my hometown!

I'm awful at people names but I loved this little flower design!

Asymmetric, bold--I love it!

I started the second technique in class, but, as warned, it’s a little more complicated than the first one and takes quite a bit longer. I didn’t finish in class, but it was the first thing I pulled out when I got home!

I’m so happy I was able to attend this great workshop. I had a great time and learned a lot and now I’m more actively looking for nearby workshops like this! If you have a chance, anywhere near you…take it. I enjoy being a lifelong learner!