Little Bits

Trying to work small, get a few little projects made up that are small and yet artistically strong. Not sure I’m there, but here are a couple I’m working on.

This is the red leaf shape I found in a piece of my dyed fabric. I’m doing a simple outline of the leaf and veins with small red beads. I’ve gone from saying that I would never, ever bead with beads this small, to actually preferring this size. They truly do look better on the small pieces I’m trying to make now.

I had heard that if you have a pile of beads you can just plunge your needle into the stack and it will find enough beads facing the right direction and load itself. I was skeptical, so of course I tried it with the pile of red beads and it worked!!! Look how many beads I got with only two dives…

I’m anxious to get the outlining done on this one because I’m not sure that will be enough to make the leaf stand out. I may have to try out some other newly learned technique on it, too–no, no, I’m sure it will really need it. It’s not just to do something new. Really!

And this little piece started out as a 5×5″ square (I showed it to you before), but now it wants to become part of a collage and grow. I really want to stay small, but 12″ or 16″, that’s not really big, is it??? More of the black around the ‘map’ looking pieces, but no beads in those sections…should be fine, right? As always, I’d love your opinions!

Bigger, bigger, bigger!