Another Great Gem & Mineral Show

I so appreciate my friend that has been a lifelong ‘rock nut.’ He started going to gem and mineral shows long ago and I never got to go as often as I would have liked. This was before I started my current obsession with beads–my only interest then were the beautiful rocks. But since the beading started, and since these shows have beads, too………oh. my. goodness!

I went to this last show specifically looking for more cabachons and tried NOT to fall in love with lots of beads! Of course I wasn’t totally successful and picked up these little lovelies.

Bright and sparkly appeals to my magpie side. The large ones are actually a pale yellow.

This show is held in a hotel, two floors of rooms and the lobby area, and merchants are set up in their rooms with all their goods displayed. You have to negotiate the people, the small aisles in the rooms, the hotel area, try to look at all the stuff before you mortgage your first-born, then remember where it was that you saw what you really liked. If you have a huge budget, you don’t worry about that, but just buy whatever you like as you come to it…….that would be in my dreams!

Anyway, I found a few stones that I liked, but one merchant really disappointed me. He had the slices of stones that I just loved and which I had purchased last year. I really wanted more, but he had re-instated his $50 minimum, which was not in place last year. Of course I asked why… because they were low on stock then and it was harder for buyers to get to $50. Huh? I guess I don’t have the wholesaler mentality and I’d be happy to sell my stock in $20 chunks all day long rather than have people walk out with nothing because they didn’t want to spend $50. Oh, well…I got some cool stuff!

The blue in these just grabbed me right away and the gray and orange ones fit in with so many of my fabrics. Now I just need to decide if I want to use them on something small or go big!

I’ve never seen sets of stones like these before and I love them. The merchant started talking to me about jewelry making and seemed quite surprised when I said that I put them on quilts…er, textile art! He decided he had another demographic to market to…the red beads are from another merchant that is local enough for me to go to that shop when I need another fix of these big beads!

I saw this type of framed rock in a couple of booths, so I looked for the best bargain and had a hard time stopping myself at 2. But I think these will not be split up, but stay together to tell a story. They are quite small, about 2 x 3″ and I love ’em!

There were so many more items I could have purchased! However, I am at the point where I have to realize that I can only bead so fast and don’t need to have a stockpile that rivals most bead stores! Realistic is keeping me from bankruptcy so far in the bead game…I hope I can stick to it!

That won’t keep me from going to gem shows and bead shows and bead stores and loving every minute of it. It will only keep me from being foolish!