Working Away…

Easter has come and gone and spending time with the family is always great, especially when it comes with candy and a big dinner! It’s also great to get back into the studio.

My day started with a lovely glimpse of spring–my redbud tree is right on the brink of blossoming!

Half-finished pieces laying around are driving me nuts! I get part way done and need to wait for something so then I start on something else and then go back to another one that’s been waiting. I guess I have a multi-track mind, or at least way of working…

I managed to finish up two pieces today, so it was a win-win day! This piece made me make it bigger than I intended it to be! I’m much happier with it now and best of all, it’s done!

This detail is all the bigger the piece was going to be…

We are both happier now.

The beading got finished on this piece, too. It hasn’t told me it’s name, yet, though, so maybe it’s not really done! I’m always wondering now if the small pieces I’m making will look better if they are placed on a bigger background, just like the above one…don’t know….

My inspiration was the large bead, but I also loved the silk plaid and the silk fragments. It seemed that all the parts of this one came together very serendipitously. I just need to be sure it’s really done.

Display decisions continue to be a mystery to me. There are so many options and I just don’t know if I want to try and standardize a “look” or just keep them individualized, which will take longer, of course. And why would that stop me? It’s just the actual decision making that I’m bad at!

Looking forward to another happy day working in the studio tomorrow…


6 thoughts on “Working Away…

  1. The reason your larger composition worked is that you used two design focal elements to take the eye to the center. Without that, it would look out of balance and would lose significance. Borders on small works can enhance or detract from your work. It happens with painters too. How do we frame our work. There are always these kinds of decisions in art work. You did a good job.


    • Now that I’m concentrating more on small pieces, I’m thinking more about the actual design elements I need. When doing just quilts, all I mainly was concerned about was color in the right spots! This is definitely harder, but much more rewarding. I’m still doing a lot of internal debating about borders, backgrounds and framing. Thanks for the encouragement.


  2. I see how the top piece was definitely enhanced by the “frame” for the detailed center. Really love the second piece too with its fun frilly silk bits-seems like it too would be enhanced by a “border”. The surround makes the center more important and worthy.


    • I’m very undecided about a border for the second piece. Seems if I mount things on another piece it defeats the purpose of working small, but small was just my own restriction…rule breaking again, even my own rules!!!!


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