Quilt Retreat!

When you only go to one quilt retreat each year, it’s a very big deal. Mostly it’s the same group of women each year and even if you see them all the time around town, it’s still special to spend time at the retreat. And, of course, there are those that you rarely see during the year and you are so happy to have time to visit with them at the retreat.

It started as a project-type retreat years ago, where we all worked on the same project or set of projects. As the years passed, we had many more choices of projects and finally now we mostly bring our own projects to work on. So I’ve been getting projects ready that will be easy to work on–and maybe even finish this weekend! Wanna see?

I will try to get the quilting done on my Tree In The Park…that’s what I have decided to call the magenta/lime/tree project.

On a side note, there has been a lot discussion lately on one of my online groups about titles for artwork. My take is that some things have titles quickly, some you have to work on and most everything needs one.

The challenge from Karen Musgrave is ready for quilting, too. I’m pretty sure it will need some bling, but that decision will be waiting until the quilting is finished.

This black/yellow/white piece is the second in a series that started with my Redbeads, Not Redbuds! This is a series that is related by style rather than color or subject matter. I’m taking distinctive fabrics on which I would like to bead and placing them in a simple strip set with simple quilting. No title in my head for this one, yet, but I do have a couple more planned, perhaps ending up with a seasonal theme going on.

Three days is a long time to have for uninterrupted quilt time, so I like to bring lots more work than I think I’ll actually get done…especially if I get lazy and just decide to schmooze and visit! I did say that I would do a short demo on beading on quilts, because I had a couple of people ask when I would be teaching that class again. I don’t mind showing things for free rather than charging for a class when I’m with a special group like this one or like the Wacky Quilters.

More small projects for this, but a little larger than my previous ones. Thanks to a suggestion from Judy Ferguson, I’m trying 9×11 and I like this size. And since I’m in love with attaching cabachons now, the first one I got prepped was for this piece of rock.

The other small beading piece I’m taking with me has a vintage flavor that makes me think of Donna Reed and Father Knows Best and Ozzie and Harriet…all the ladies on TV who wore dresses and pearls to do their housecleaning!

I’m so looking forward to this retreat…but I’m not likely to take any photos of ladies sewing late at night in their pajamas! I want to be able to go back next year, too!


4 thoughts on “Quilt Retreat!

  1. Hi, I finished my Judy’s fabric challenge, on to the other projects.. I did simple and neat, modern, I love your rendition with the fabric. This was a fun challenge, I always take lots of project to group retreats also, and have a group where we just work on our own projects, but if stuck get technical help from the others.. Sharing is wonderful. I enjoy being with friends that I sometimes only see once a year and we learn from each other. Not always about quilting, sometimes it is about computers and apps!


    • It’s not always relaxing because you feel compelled to finish just that little bit more while you have the free time…but it’s always enjoyable being surrounded by friends who are enjoying what you enjoy!


  2. Let me say that I am in love with the megenta/lime tree project. The whole transparent quality to the tree is genius. I love your abstract black and white magenta project also. Abstract is a favorite of mine. Your beading project looks very interesting. You are really on a roll right now.


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