Making New From Old

A few years ago I found an awesome pattern for making a triangle shaped bag. I made this piece, sewed up the sides into a bag, never made a strap for it and it sat on a shelf, unused…but not unloved!

I took the bag seams out and was left with this lovely square.

I really like it–silk leaves on a wool background, yarn couched around the leaves. But what am I going to do with it now? It’s 15″ square, so it fits in with my small projects. It’s thick and heavy, feels more like a hot pad than anything else and needs something

Beads? Just a better way to display it? This might just be a candidate for putting on a stretched canvas and calling it good. Opinions anyone?


6 thoughts on “Making New From Old

    • I don’t need to be told twice to add beads to anything anymore! And I’m really starting to like putting stuff on canvas…but it sure takes up more space for storage…let’s see-there must be something I can get rid of…


  1. Quilts are made from all types of materials. I like the piece and beads would enhance it. You could just make a hangar and call it done.


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