Headed West…

Iowa and Illinois are the next teaching spots I’ll be headed for…going west just like the pioneers in their covered wagons, quilting with scraps at the end of a long, hard day on the trail…

Whoa!!! Wake up, Kathy! My travel will be on high speed freeways, in a nice heated/cooled car and my quilting will be in a well-lit room with plenty of electricity for sewing machines and irons! There will be no campfires…just a hotel, WITH a pool and hot tub! Granted, my car is loaded as full as any Conestoga wagon, but I blame that on bringing my hubby’s golf clubs along, too. It’s not ALL quilting stuff, really it’s not.

I do love everything about teaching quilt stuff, but I still get very nervous every time. I have to tell myself that I really do know what I’m talking about and that lady sleeping in the fourth row at the lecture is not actually bored, she just had a really hard day!

Hope I remember to get some pictures for you. Very often I get so caught up in the sound of my own voice teaching that I forget to capture the wonderful creations coming from the minds of my students. Looking forward to seeing what they create!


6 thoughts on “Headed West…

  1. Well, I never taught quilting, but I did teach for 33 years. Having taken your classes I can attest to the fact that you’re a good teacher!


  2. Fourth row?? I see them in the first row-both at my own guild and at my lectures! Because I see it at my own guild I know it is the meds, the schedule, the stress, etc. that makes them sleepy. Your work will keep them veeery interested!


    • Maybe if I did a little song-and-dance number….oh, but I can’t sing and watching a fat lady dance is just comical! Guess I’ll just have to stick with what I know and catch the interest of those who can stay awake!


  3. Oh, the life of a famous teacher. lol. I have almost a year to prepare for my big class, and I find myself worrying already. Mostly, I feel like an imposter. Who am I to tell all these fabulous quilters anything? They are making quilts that I could never hope to make. So, I will do the best job I know to do, and hope that I will be able to keep them interested. Enjoy the journey.


    • Aaaah, but you are talking to the quilters about the ART that you do know about and how they can apply it to their quilting. But knowing what you are talking about doesn’t erase the jitters, does it? Maybe it’s the jitters that keep us sharp and always trying to improve!!!


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