Bonus Quilt

The Muscatine Melon Patchers are the guild to whom I spoke last night. Lovely, lovely group and Keith and I enjoyed ourselves very much.

They had other guests from Iowa City, I think, who brought a raffle quilt with them and talked about their quilt show. It was bonus time for me with the quilt they brought! I always talk about great two-color quilts in my lecture and wow! what a wonderful example they had!

I didn’t hesitate for one second to take advantage of this lovely example.

I only tripped once over the base of my quilt stand…a new record in grace (or lack thereof) for me! Now on to my next stop which includes workshops, so we can get down and dirty with our rotary cutters and sewing machines—hooray!

My grandmother always warned me about being a show-off, but I truly enjoy showing off…er, sharing what I make! Looking forward to the next few days in Moline.



4 thoughts on “Bonus Quilt

  1. I think we all enjoy showing off our accomplishments. Showing off, sharing– same thing to me. You do beautiful work!


    • And I DO get just as much pleasure seeing show and tell at places I go to…there is so much beautiful quilt work out in the world. I’m proud to be part of it!


    • He doesn’t go along on every trip–just the multi-day ones where there’s a chance at a little golf and a little touristing! And I really enjoy having a travelling companion–one that I can get to carry the heavy bags!!!


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