Teaching Fun

Quick Start Quilting was on the menu today and I absolutely love teaching this class. Just look at what the ladies produced…

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They will always be able to come up with a quilting design now!


10 thoughts on “Teaching Fun

    • Jan–wherever you are, I will go to teach. Just figure out a way for your guild to pay for it and we’ll have a blast! Actually, if you live close to MI, we can set up a small group class!


      • I keep hoping to take a class in Tecumseh, but the timing hasn’t been right so far; I live in Jackson. I will pass your name on to the program committee.


    • Truly free motion quilting and even the most timid learn how to do this easily by the end of the day. It’s so rewarding to teach this class–probably my favorite!


    • The quilting design is extrapolated from whatever designs are in the fabric pattern. We learn fill designs and general quilting moves in the morning and go totally free motion in the afternoon.


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