Headed for trouble…

I say that only because I know that trouble will find me, one way or another. I truly don’t go looking for it, but I am a rule-breaker, you know.

On our way home from teaching, we made a couple of little sidetrips. Since we were right by the history channel’s American Pickers home base, we drove up there to see the spot. The shop is smaller than I expected, but so exactly like what is seen on the show that it was simple to find.

And even better, there was a wonderful quilt store in town! Needless to say, I did not leave empty-handed. My pocketbook could have been in enormous trouble if we had stayed any longer!

Our next stop was the tiny town my family is from. My aunt was not home, but I had not called ahead of time, not knowing for sure when we would be there. We toured around the town, noting changes, some major and some minor. We ate lunch in the tavern that my grandfather once owned. (Mom-if I’m wrong, I don’t want to know. My nostalgia is workin’ here!) I was fascinated by the tin ceiling and details that I would not have noticed as a child. All I cared about then was going behind the bar and getting an Orange Crush from the cooler!

And food memories…we had tortellini that still had the unique taste I remembered from my grandmother’s soup pot. It was locally made when I was a child, and the taste is the same, so I prefer to think it is still made somewhere nearby, with the old recipe!

Nice little sidetrip down memory lane, but now it’s back to reality. Stitching and beads–hooray! Laundry and lawn mowing–not so much! I love road trips and teaching, but I love being home, too.

All right-laundry room, here I come! The sooner I get there, the sooner I’ll be done and headed back to the stitching and beads!


6 thoughts on “Headed for trouble…

  1. The tortellini!!! We used to visit the small town my Grandma grew up in. Every little tavern in town served tortellini in broth…not sauce. The best way to eat it!


  2. The “Pickers” are a favorite around our house too. But my house is too full to bring anything home. Nostalgia is good for the soul, but the town I grew up in has sadly gone downhill. Not as enjoyable to see those things. Sounds like you had a great time.


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