Most beautiful tree…

This is the tree that I eagerly await each spring. It’s not mine, but on the edge of my neighbor’s property, so I totally get to enjoy it. I’ve been trying for two years to find out what species it is, with no success. I enjoy it anyway. It’s gorgeous.

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Most likely not much else to tell you about for a few days. This week is ‘tasks around the house week’ and studio time is going to have to wait!


4 thoughts on “Most beautiful tree…

  1. Yes, Yes! It is a Tricolor Beech! A tree on my “most wanted” list… They are sooo beautiful…. As they get more mature, they are such beautifully shaped trees, too… There are a few very large, very old specimens in my area…. They can get gorgeously Huge!


    • OMG! An answer to what it is, just like that! You are awesome, o tree wizard! So, so beautiful and not very big yet. Happy to know that it will continue to spread it’s beauty. Thanks!


    • I guess I just need to put the question out there and someone will know the answer! Thanks–there are several people wanting this answer and now I finally know. Hooray!


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