Knitting again–

This curly yarn was not to be found last winter. Everyone wanted a scarf made from it and shop owners could not keep it on the shelf. Well, we’re headed into warm weather now and there is a small supply of it filtering into the stores again, from several yarn companies. In a move quite unusual for me, I’m thinking ahead and buying some now instead of waiting until the last minute. It’s really amazing how that works…I’ll actually have it when I need it. Wow!

So this will probably be the crafty part of my days for the next couple of weeks. I really am devoting May to the house and yard, until all of those chores that we’ve put off are done. Might not have much to post about for a while, but I guess every day can’t be a total studio day!


3 thoughts on “Score!

  1. Found out that the Moda brand has half as much yardage as the other brand and costs more. Local yarn stores are carrying it, as well as Hobby Lobby. I haven’t been to Michael’s or JoAnn’s to look for it, but it’s still the rage this year, so I’ll stock up.


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